Pay Dues

You can pay your 2020($15) and  2021 ($10) dues via PayPal or by a credit card of your choice.  If neither of these options appeal to you, you still can pay via check or cash, in person or mail it to Randy Weiss, N3JUD, at 893 Daw Pate Rd NE, Pikeville, NC 27863.  Select Individual or Family membership and click on “Pay Now” and follow the instructions for either PayPal or credit card.

Select from one of the four options below

1. 2020 and 2021 Dues are $25 for individual membership (both years).

2. 2020 and 2021 Dues are $25 for family membership (both years)

3. 2021 Dues are $10 for individual membership.

4. 2021 Dues are $10 for  family membership

2020/2021 WCARA Dues
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