All,  The January Business/Election meeting will be on the 24th of Jan, K&W Cafeteria in the Berkley Mall at 6 pm.  The election committee has selected the following slate of officers.  

Listed below is the slate of officers for this year’s election. 

President – Wayne Stewart

VP- Peter Wene

Treasurer- Randy Weiss

Secretary- Greg Clark

BOD- (2) Albert Lioen

                 Ralph Benedetto

In addition to these, any nominations from the floor will be considered as well.

Additionally, We will have a special guest, Vice Director of the Roanoke ARRL Division William C. Morine N2COP. 


•General Licensing Class – For all you Technician Class License holders this is to let you know that we are starting a General Licensing Class on the 22rd of January 2019.  As always the class is free and the study guide will run about $25.00.


Location is Wayne Community College, Holly Building, Room 223, from 6-9pm.

Start date is the 22rd of Jan thru the 26th of Feb and testing will on the following Saturday the 2rd of March.

Now that you have your Tech license and maybe a little time behind the mic it is time to upgrade to General.  General Class License is where Ham Radio starts……it really gets interesting and a lot of fun.  Hope to see many of you in class.


Electrical Engineering link….lots of good apps

What is HAM Radio……..click here

Herman Munster and Ham Radio

Amateur Radio a 21st Century Hobby


*2 Meter Repeater 146.85 (-) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the Air.

*70cm Repeater 443.00 (+) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the air ( We have replaced the Hard line and moved the antenna up ~ 65 additional feet).

Our repeaters are Linked via a 70cm radio at the VHF site.  Additionally, both the repeaters have emergency backup power.

ECHOLINK via K4CYP-R Node 858227


*2 Meter/70cm Net every Thursday night at 8:30pm local on the WCARA Repeaters – Net Control Operator: Pete Wene, WA5T

EchoLink (K4CYP-R Node 858227) is connected to the 2 meter repeater.  If you are out of town you can still check in via Echolink.

*6 Meter Net every Monday night at 8:00pm local on 50.140 Mhz SSB.
(if at net time the frequency is occupied please look for us 3,6,9, or 12 KHz down from 50.140) –  Net Control Operator: Pete Wene, WA5T.