Club Meeting:  Oct 26th, 6pm at K&W Cafeteria in the Berkley Mall

Basic Soldering Class:  In conjunction with the Tech Class we are going to hold a Basic Soldering Class.  We are scheduling the class for the 19th October.   The location is Wayne Community College, Holly Building, Room 223.  We will convene at 6pm and end NLT 9pm.   If you are interested please let me know.  The class should take about 2 to 3 hours and promises to be both interesting and informative.    We will be addressing the following areas.

Type of irons or guns

How to dress and tin the iron tip

Types of solder and paste

Basic soldering techniques


Please bring your soldering iron, solder, paste, sponge and solder sucker if you have them.  At a minimum you will need a soldering iron (pencil) and some solder.

You can get a soldering started kit from Lowes for about $15.  It has a 30 watt iron, solder, and a stand.  30 watts is really good for electronic soldering.

VE Test Session:  Nov 11th. 9am until ?, Wayne Community College, Holly Building, Room 223.  Cost of the Test is $15. 

Dec 7th:  We have been invited down to the Battleship NC to help operate the special events station during the Pearl Harbor Day Commutative event.  Details will be forthcoming.

Electrical Engineering link….lots of good apps

What is HAM Radio…… here

Herman Munster and Ham Radio

Amateur Radio a 21st Century Hobby


2 Meter Repeater 146.85 (-) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the Air.

70cm Repeater 443.00 (+) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the Air.

Our repeaters are linked via a 70cm radio at the VHF site.  Additionally, both the repeaters have emergency backup power.

ECHOLINK via K4CYP-R Node 858227


2 Meter/70cm Net Thursday night at 8:30pm local On the WCARA Repeaters          Net Control Operator:  Pete Wene, WA5T

EchoLink (K4CYP-R) is connected to the 2 meter repeater.  If you are out of town you can still check in via Echolink.

6 Meter Net  8:30pm local every Monday evening on 50.140 Mhz SSB.
Net Control Operator:  Pete Wene, WA5T