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2nd Annual WCARA HF/Sprint – 17 of Feb.  Entrance fee is $10 with the winner taking all.  Rules will be sent out the Saturday prior to the event.  This event is for Club Members only.

NC QSO Party – Ray Lane, KD4FV, will host this year’s NC QSO Party.  If you would like to be a part of this event please contact Ray.

VE Test Session:  March 3rd. 9am until ?  Wayne Community College, Holly Building, Room 223.  Cost of the Test is $15. 

Electrical Engineering link….lots of good apps

What is HAM Radio…… here

Herman Munster and Ham Radio

Amateur Radio a 21st Century Hobby


2 Meter Repeater 146.85 (-) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the Air.

70cm Repeater 443.00 (+) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: Off the Air (Hard line damaged by Hospital contractors).

Our repeaters are NOT Linked via a 70cm radio at the VHF site.  Additionally, both the repeaters have emergency backup power.

ECHOLINK via K4CYP-R Node 858227


2 Meter/70cm Net Thursday night at 8:30pm local On the WCARA Repeaters          Net Control Operator:  Pete Wene, WA5T

EchoLink (K4CYP-R) is connected to the 2 meter repeater.  If you are out of town you can still check in via Echolink.

6 Meter Net  8:30pm local every Monday evening on 50.140 Mhz SSB.
Net Control Operator:  Pete Wene, WA5T