Welcome to the Wayne County Amateur Radio Association.


2023 Dues are due!  

Club Meetings

March         18th

April             15th

May               20th

June – Field Day, no meeting

July                 17th

August            19th

September     16th

October           21st

November       18th

December – Christmas Party, no meeting

All club meetings start at 9 am.  We meet at the First PH Church in Goldsboro.  1100 The First Church Rd, Goldsboro, NC 27534

Come around back to the Generations Center.  Enter through the double doors, proceed up the right hallway, we are the last room on the right.

Ham Radio Class – Technician (beginner)

All – There will be a beginner’s Ham Radio Class starting Saturday the 3rd of June.  The class runs for 7 sessions (Saturday). Class starts at 9 am and runs to NLT 11:15 am…..most classes will end around 11 am. The location is “The Filling Station” in Pollocksville, NC

We will be using the ARRL Technician study guide, 5th edition. The book can be purchased on Amazon, make sure it is the 5th edition.

The Class is FREE, the only cost for the Class is the book.

If you are interested in the class please contact Peter M. Wene (WA5T) via email at pete@wene.net.


Field Day

The 24th -25th of Jun

Location – 2104 Salem Church Rd, Goldsboro.

If you have questions please contact Peter M. Wene (WA5T) via email at pete@wene.net.



For more information contact president@k4cyp.com 


Electrical Engineering link….lots of good apps

What is HAM Radio……..click here

Herman Munster and Ham Radio

Amateur Radio a 21st Century Hobby


*2 Meter Repeater 146.85 (-) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the Air. 

*70cm Repeater 443.00 (+) 88.5 Hz Tone (K4CYP) Status: On the air 

Our repeaters are Linked via a 70cm radio at the VHF site.  Additionally, both the repeaters have emergency backup power.

ECHOLINK via K4CYP-R Node 858227: Operational


2 Meter/70cm Net every Thursday night at 8:00pm local on the WCARA Repeaters – Net Control Operator: Pete Wene, WA5T

EchoLink (K4CYP-R Node 858227) is connected to the 2 meter repeater.  If you are out of town you can still check in via Echolink.

*6 Meter Net every Monday night at 8:00pm local on 50.140 Mhz SSB.
(if at net time the frequency is occupied please look for us 3,6,9, or 12 KHz down from 50.140) –  Net Control Operator: Pete Wene, WA5T.