The following information comes from Randolph Crutchfield, AKA “CRUTCH”, KM4UJL.  The information is intended to help any and all Amateur Radio Operators in Wayne County, independent of any club affiliation, in the ways of the North Carolina AUX-COMM system with respect to emergency communication support.  North Carolina has a unique relationship with Amateur Radio.  This relationship spans all of the North Carolina counties from the coast to the mountains, and it is controlled at the state government level.

In order to become AUX-COMM certified, you need to fulfill a minimum of specialized requirements.  To get started, each individual must acquire a FEMA Student Identification Number (SID#).


The SID# is not required to take the on line training, but, is required to take the final test.  Be sure to record you SID# in a convent place, as you will need it often during your training.  FEMA will also keep a record of your successful training.  If you ever need a transcript.

Again, there are lots of FEMA on line courses available, but the following is the minimum required to become AUX-COMM certified in North Carolina.

ISC-100                 ICS-200                 ICS-700                 ICS-800

Once you complete the above courses, the following also is recommended as supplemental training:

ICS-702                 ICS-703                 ICS802

The following courses are also recommend for any Ham Radio Operator:

ICS-144                 ICS-242                 ICS-315                 ICS-317                 ICS-706                 ICS-951                 ICS-1200

The above courses are communications related and packed full of information.

These online courses are not that hard.  You can complete all of them in two or three days, given a moderate level of commitment.  They may seem a bit intimidating, but when you get into them, they will get easier.   The final exams are multiple choice, and in the range of 25 to 35 questions, in a Pass/Fail format.

Once you complete the four minimum courses let me know, and I will assist you in the next step of getting your N.C. AUX-COMM certification.

Also, the WCARA has allowed me to hold a Communication Training and Information Net (CTI NET)on the 146.850 repeater.  This net will be on the second Thursday night of each month at 8 p.m..  The kick off net will be this Thursday, the 22nd, at 8 p.m.   Please take some time and check in, as a lot of the information will be very helpful to you in your North Carolina AUX-COMM quest.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Crutch via email: , or cell phone:  919-738-1020.