Wilbert Arthur “Muss” Musselman (WD4HTE)

Wilbert Arthur “Muss” Musselman was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on June 30, 1929 to the late Arthur Musselman and Vera Ethel Lingenfelter Musselman.

Wilbert enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in December of 1947 and was sent to San Antonio, TX for Basic Training. He then transferred to Cheyenne, WY for refrigeration training and then to the Howard AFB in the Panama Canal Zone. Wilbert became a rookie firefighter during 1949-1950 and was sent to the Keesler AFB with the fire service. He continued his Air Force career as a firefighter at Amarillo AFB, Shemya AFB, and Elgin AFB. Wilbert met and married his wife in 1955. He was then sent to Athens, Greece as a firefighter and then to Chaumont, France where he served as the fire chief at a small base from 1958 to 1959. Wilbert then transferred to Greenville, SC, then to Murphy Dome AFB and to Lockbourne AFB where he served as assistant fire chief under the Strategic Air Command. He was sent to Wildwood AFB in Alaska for two years and then to Plattsburg AFB, again serving as assistant fire chief. In 1971 Wilbert retired from the U.S. Air Force. He moved to Goldsboro, NC and was hired as a firefighter with the city of Goldsboro, where he again retired after 13 years.

Wilbert was a member of the Wayne County Radio Association in Goldsboro, NC. He was also a member of the St. Francis Episcopal Church. Wilbert held a dual membership in the Wayne Masonic Lodge #112 and the Goldsboro Masonic Lodge #634, was a member of the Goldsboro York Rites Bodies, and the Wayne Shrine Club, He was a member of Eastern Star, a Rainbow Girls Advisor, and a member of the DeMolay Council 163. Wilbert  was also a member of the Air Force Sergeant’s Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the American Legion.

Wilbert  passed away on December 17, 2014.